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V-belt pulleys

Material cast iron GG22 - GG25
Surface traitmentin oil blacked
Dimensions for Taperlock pulleysall are according to DIN 2211
Dimensions for unbored pulleysall pulleys are according to DIN 2211
Static ballancing All pulleys are statically balanced (in one level) according to VDI 2060, quality degree Q16
DW > 400 mm for v = 30 m.s-1
DW < 400 mm for n = 1500 min-1
Dynamical balancing against surcharge On special order all pulleys will be balanced dynamically (in two levels) according to VDI 2060, quality degree Q 6.3. Dynamically balancing is recommended if:
V > 30 m.s-1 or if
DW :rim width < 4 (for V > 20 m.s-1)

All hubs flush on one side - standard without drilling. Borehole and keyway: unless specified otherwise, the pulleys, will have a H7 tolerance borehole and a keyway suitable for keys according to DIN 6885/1.

Type 0

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5

Type 6

Type 7

Type 8

Type 9

o Plné řemenice Vollscheibe Solid pulley Poulies pleines
O diskové řemenice Bodenscheibe plate pulley poulies a voiles
X Loukoové řemenice Armscheibe Plate pulley Poulies a bras